Frequently asked questions

As an HR professional who is responsible for relocating my company’s employees, what is the added value of using your services?

Packimpex is a facilitator. We work in line with your HR policy and report to you. Through us, you outsource a service which ensures that your employees’ concerns and those of their families are fully addressed. It is our core business to make your transferees feel at home in Belgium. Improving their relocation experience takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and more importantly, reduces your company’s turnover of relocated employees.

My transferee lives in a 400 m2 house on four acres of land. Can you find something similar for them?

Possibly, but even with the appropriate budget, it is unlikely that any of the viewed properties will have all the amenities that your transferee is accustomed to. While relocating, people tend to focus on what they will miss from their home country. We endeavour to manage the expectations of your relocating employees by creating a positive vision of the opportunities that result from their move to Belgium. By focusing on their gains, the transferees and their families view their relocations with optimism and excitement, resulting in greater acceptance of change.

How does Packimpex secure rental properties?

About 80% of Belgium’s rental properties are managed and promoted by real estate agents. Landlords will appoint a realtor to promote the property, organise visits, meet candidates and set up the lease contract. Normally, the real estate agent’s commission is one-month’s rent and this is covered by the landlord, not the tenant. Packimpex selects the properties on the market that match the transferee’s preferences. Our local consultants have established professional relationships with numerous real estate agents and landlords, which gives us a direct line to a variety of available properties. We assess the properties available on both the open real estate and the private markets to find the rental houses or apartments that meet the transferees’ requirements.

How do you avoid costly repairs when a transferee leaves a rental property at the end of a lease contract?

A successful departure begins upon arrival. We ensure that the transferee understands their rights and obligations as a tenant while they rent a property, and that they document any issues in order to avoid unwelcome surprises at the end of their rental period. Photographs are systematically taken during the handover protocols so as to have a thorough assessment of the condition of the property and its exterior (garden) before the transferee moves in. Should any accidental damage be undeniably the responsibility of the departing tenant, we will ensure that it is managed according to lease law, taking into account depreciation and insurance claims so as to keep the cost to a minimum.