Frequently asked questions

My company handles all immigration in-house. Why should we consider outsourcing to Packimpex?

There are various issues linked to handling immigration in-house. Aside from the obvious difficulties of managing volume spikes and covering staff holidays or other extended periods of leave, maintaining expertise despite frequent process and regulation changes can also be a real issue. Further, in-house resources result in a fixed overhead cost. Working with Packimpex, you have a team of immigration experts at your fingertips and you only have to pay for this expertise as and when you need it. We take on the burden of keeping abreast of immigration changes and keeping you informed, and to ensure compliance with Belgian law, we can take full ownership of each immigration case and/or your overall immigration programme. We can provide the immigration services you need with enhanced overall performance at a lower total cost to your organisation.

As a human resources professional, how can Packimpex help me with the immigration process?

Packimpex tailors immigration solutions to meet your organisation’s needs and aims, giving you as much involvement in your immigration processes as you desire. We can liaise directly with the transferee and any family members to secure the information and documents required for the immigration process. You will receive updates from Packimpex at the agreed upon milestones. This should free up your time to concentrate on your core business, while still offering you the level of control that you are comfortable with.

Can Packimpex help with employees relocating to work on short-term projects?

Certainly! We understand the needs of consultants and other professionals who are involved in temporary projects in Belgium. These projects usually require work permission at very short notice. We fully appreciate the time-sensitive nature of these assignments, and we can secure the right documents within the established timeframe.

How do you inform the transferee and their family of what documents or information you need from them?

To determine the best-case strategy, we complete an initial case assessment, usually through a needs assessment during the welcome call. After that call and taking the transferee’s and their family’s personal circumstances into consideration, we start the process by providing an overview of the process, step-by-step information, document requirements and processing times for each stage.

What is the flow of the Belgian immigration process?

Generally, the following steps form part of the typical Belgian immigration process:

  • Step 1 – Packimpex receives details about the new hire or intra-company transferee and assigns a Relocation Consultant to manage the case.
  • Step 2 – Packimpex completes a needs assessment to confirm the process and type of permit.
  • Step 3 – The transferee and family provide the necessary information and documentation.
  • Step 4 – Concurrently with the above, Packimpex liaises with the company to gather the corporate information and documentation required to support the application, and then prepares and submits the application for consideration.
  • Step 5 – Packimpex monitors the case while working with the various Belgian immigration authorities involved in approving the application.
  • Step 6 – Packimpex secures the necessary approvals, checks these for
    accuracy, and advises on how the approvals should be activated and on any post-arrival steps that must be completed upon arrival in Belgium.

Please be advised that these are general steps and might change depending on permit type.

Can Packimpex assist with securing apostilles and legislations?

We appreciate that few people know how to obtain an apostille or a legalisation, and we appreciate that getting duplicate birth, marriage and university documents can be very time consuming. We can prepare guidance and assistance with this where requested.

Can you assist with moves outside of Belgium?

We have trusted partnerships with immigration providers in other countries and are happy to provide referrals. We manage these immigration situations according to country guidelines and input from our partners.